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Yellow Lemon , My Art

The color yellow symbolizes wisdom and means joy and happiness. Yellow brings clarity and awareness and clears the mind , making it active and alert.The color yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy which enhances decision making leading to eloquence and a sense of establishment.The color yellow makes me cheerful and uplifts me to do and express in a perky and fresh manner when creating a piece of art. The color yellow can also have a deceitful manner and have cowardice qualities. The warmth and feeling is vibrant and stimulating hinting at the ambivalent qualities of yellow.

In japan the color yellow symbolizes courage and will power which leads to invention and progress.In China the color yellow was the color of emperors during both the Ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty. Huangdi , also known as the Yellow Emperor , is thought to be the founder of Chinese civilization , due to the tremendous amount of inventions which took place during his reign. A true reflection of vitality and will.In Greece yellow is the color of sadness and in France yellow signifies jealousy.So is the nature of yellow to have more positive connotations than somber implications , after all , yellow is sunshine which is life and energy to us all.

In the early 20th century photographers tried to validate photography as art by using soft focus techniques to imitate contemporary painting techniques. Many have argued that the early realistic pictures of landscapes and ordinary life was created with the explicit intention to validate the artistic nature of photography.Today photographers seek to establish their photographs as art by using the pillars of fine art which is the free play between three fundamental components of art , the artist , the medium and the art work. The medium has to be mastered , in the case of photography there is a technical side to master which can be manipulated to the photographers taste once a basic level of understanding has been reached. The art work is usually a piece which has been printed or published.

The question regarding photography as art has to do with the realistic representation of a subject which is captured by a photographer as a technical operator.The photographer becomes an artist where the technical ability and manipulation becomes a mastery which is used to complete the photographers vision.In early paintings the same questions were asked weather a painting which is a duplicate of the realistic environment could be classified as art.Artists were seen as technicians duplicating reality or visionaries expressing imagination to challenge the reality as we see it.As photographers go , The Wedding Photographer would also seem to occupy a low end of the art form.I would definitely challenge this opinion as I believe any photographer with vision and a true expression of personal style creates images close to art.Lastly the Artist who is the greatest weight in the artistic process , is the person who brings a subject to the audience presented by a chosen medium.

In Art there is an act of will , in which the artist willfully responds to a subject to present the subject in a subjective view to the audience.The artist represents the artists response to the subject and not the subject itself.This lemon inspired me to take a photograph of the lemon using low light settings and bounce flash which is true to my photographic style.The vitality of the yellow established a relationship with this fruit to capture it in such a way as to present it as an art picture.Producing art is a self rewarding activity and a conscious intention to explore the aesthetic exploitation of familiarity versus surprise and tension versus release.I photographed this yellow lemon to present it as an art work to heighten the understanding of our existence , convey a meaning and to express joy influenced by the wonderful color and shape of my chosen subject.Art happens when the vision is there to share and convey meanings and a desire to question the perception of reality , to adorn , to beautify , to express , to mediate , to illustrate , to record , to redefine reality and to redefine art.

This picture of the yellow lemon is a personal response to the scene and an expression of joy , skill and vision to create in order to present an art work.This is how I should justify this explanation of photography as art , but I would argue that big words and meanings are all wasted if passion and fun is absent.Ignoring all these complex justifications to render a picture as an art work , photography is used most of all to express passion and have fun equivalent to diving into a clear cool pool of water in the summer which far exceeds any will to create art for justification , according to my personal outlook on photography.