Francois Pistorius Photography Productions

The coolest way to communicate , Color !

I enjoy being colorful , I enjoy wearing colors and I enjoy working with colorful things.In my photography I lean toward the use of warm colors and choose locations with green or orange for contrast.Color impacts our mood and everything we do.The color right in front of us can influence a bright and cheerful mood or a somber mood.Color will influence our actions and cause reactions we have to situations.Color is a powerful communication tool for advertisers and provoke reactions for brand loyalty and trust.The warmer colors are generally more risky with vibrant reactions where the darker colors establish a sense of security and calmness.In photography color filters create brilliant effects.A cool blue filter will create a sophisticated feeling for a desired sleek designed car where the warm orange filters will set the tone for a balmy summer sunset surf trip editorial or a romantic evening in a chic designed bar.In our retro revival time right now I am seeing a lot of brown and orange tones which is a return to the use of secure and calm coloring.No doubt color has a healing effect and will assist in how we learn and comprehend a current situation.We are often insecure and scared to use bright colors but with the right blend of vivid colors we will create impact when used in the right way with white and black.

I have found the coolest site with fine crafted and incredible designs and brilliant use of color.
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