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Takashi Murakami , Art , fun and Commercialism

Takashi Murakami in one of his interviews said that fine art and consumer culture seems to be two different worlds but honestly they are the same thing , money , money , money is a reality.

Takashi Murakami is referred to as Japan’s answer to Andy Warhol and Walt Disney.Murakami draws inspiration from popular culture taking images and turning them into fine art images.Murakami being a true artist has taken inspiration from pop culture but has also instilled his own images back into the pop culture realm. Takashi Murakami is an artist of extraordinary range and ambition to create.Murakami has had tremendous successful collaborations with Louis Vuitton on their handbag ranges , Kaye West album cover for the 2008 “Graduation” ,Installing twenty-two of his sculptures in the palace rooms of the Estate of Versailles in September 2010 , The Macy’s Thanks Giving Day parade including two of his balloon creations Kaikai and Kiki and designing the home page logo for Google on June 21 in 2011 for the Solstices whic was the start of spring in the U.S.A.In the Art world these collaborations should affect the artist fine art credibility but Takashi Murakami’s work is still reaching high into the millions on art auctions. This collaboration has proven that an artist can embrace commercialism and retain a fine art artistic brand as an artist.Murakami has worked to use the same design on all of his collaborations with the bright vivid colors and eye spots which is an add on to the actual product which is bought.

Murakami was trained as a Nihonga painter, a style that emerged after the opening of Japanese borders in the Meiji Restoration of 1868.This style was created to deal with the domination of Japanese paintings by Western conventions , a backlash to yoga painting.Murakami’s work incorporates the global obsession with Japanese created anime and manga characters in art.Murakami has admitted that his Mr DOB character was created to be like Mickey Mouse. His work shows the connection between American marketing and Japanese culture.

Murakami’s sculptures The Lonesome Cowboy who find himself frozen in mid orgasm and the Hiropon female with oversized boobs and big eyes mocking the American fascination with plastic surgery and the strive for doll like perfection was created by his model maker apprentices.His paintings are produced by painters in the Kaikai Kiki.He has a detailed work ethic to create and produce with and for his apprentices.In the 2008 retrospective art exhibition in the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Takashi Murakami installed a working Louis Vuitton boutique to sell a different form of his work part of the Louis Vuitton collaboration.Murakami’s appeal comes from his embrace of popular culture by using sexual enhancements and strong colorful designs and his owm interest to attract discerning Western art buyers.Takashi Murakami’s art-of-selling-out comes after enjoying world wide market share in the art world.When his stature was smaller , he used areas around him of to sell T-shirts , doll figures and stickers with his designs printed on.Takashi Murakami has succeeded to be successful in selling and projecting trends and ideas to a broad commercial consumer while acquiring top dollars with his work sold to the elite fine art buyer.