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Art in Jeans

In 1873 on the 20th of May Levis Strauss & Company received the patent for putting rivets in the pants for strength ,The pocket Stitch design which is considered to be the official birth of the “Blue Jeans”.Blue jeans originated from the need for pants to be strong and which would last during the harsh mining and prospecting environment in the U.S.A.Today Levis and a pair of jeans is an absolute household must have.We all wear them , we all love them and we all desire to fit into a new pair.Blue jeans has developed into a must have casual or smart fashion statement for men and women across all cultures and religions.We love our favorite pair and would do anything to hold on to a perfect fit when it comes to wearing a pair of jeans.I have one or two favorite pairs which I seem to repair quite often. The thought of cutting or letting a pair of favorite blue jeans go is unthinkable.One of my pairs have been stitched five times , the more stitches and holes and worn out parts the more a pair of worn Blue jeans becomes a part of us and a piece of clothing which we cannot replace or part with.

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