Francois Pistorius Photography Productions

Tamara dressed in Maya Prass on The Beach

On a cool winters day in Cape Town two years ago we head of to the beach to photograph Tamara.The make-up artist , Dune and I have been working together for a few years and our styles were blending into perfect harmony.Tamara represented by Boss Models in Cape Town was a fun , loving , rock girl to photograph.I visually enjoyed the soft pinks and blue combination of the styling from Maya Prass.Maya always has a feminine flair with bold colors and expression which makes her clothing a visual feast to photograph.I really enjoyed these images , uncomplicated with no real objective other than just to enjoy the moment and do what we love , creating pictures !

I am now working in Gauteng again after many travels around South-Africa the last two years.It has been a journey into new directions.I am now photographing weddings quite often , I shoot portraits , landscapes , textures , clothing , products ,booze , models , actors , mothers , fathers , kids , dogs and just about anything making it’s way in front of my lens.It is always a daunting prospect to move port and try to re-establish a client base and working environment and do it quick.As a creative we thrive on the new , moving ideas , travels and visual inspiration to push our own boundaries and head space.I can’t say that it is ever easy to leave Cape town and friends and all the wonderful memories I have from the last 10 years being based in the Mother city , but I can feel that a creative and directional shift is in the starting phase.I look forward to where connections and photography will take me in Gauteng to create a more concise and detailed body of work which I have set out to start shooting in Cape Town.