Francois Pistorius Photography Productions

Agnes Fischer

The idea for the story was basic , let’s go out there and shoot something beautiful , natural , have fun and enjoy the magic summers day.I had the idea to use pieces of fabric to cast shadows on the skin which served as a soft scrim to diffuse the light and give depth to the beauty pictures.I love the clean and crisp look of the beauty pictures with sharpness and a bit of mystery in Agnes look.

The styling was selected at various styling shops in Cape Town and mixing it in with a few pieces of Agnes and a swimsuit out of my styling collection.The earthy tones of the rocks and beach with the skin colored body suit created a fantastic mood with Agnes short blond hair being lifted by the wind to add the perfect finish to the white sand beauty pictures.We photographed ten different images and just found more and more inspiration as the light and the color tones changes on the skin tone and the beach.The good thing about shooting Langebaan is that the water temperature is reasonably warmer which makes a water picture possible compared to the icy temps of the Atlantic just across the dunes.

I have photographed Agnes four times in the past few years when she makes her appearance in Cape Town which she calls her second home.We have had a very easy working blend from day one and always seem to find the right balance in our collaboration.One of our pictures have been published in the South-African GQ magazine in the March edition which is always a huge privilege and satisfaction to have a picture published in an acclaimed magazine.

I love the mood I am able to create when I photograph Agnes , she lends her own persona with ease into the pictures for us to capture strong but feminine images.The movement in the back light photographs adds a bit of play to the composed frames with the sun bursting into frame in all the corners.I don’t retouch these images too much as a beach story to me has to be a bit washed away to stay in the desolate beach spirit with warm tones and afternoon light to add enough color and contrast.It gives me immense pleasure to photograph lifestyle and beauty images with a bit of styling to round of a perfect soft natural light series with Agnes.