Francois Pistorius Photography Productions

Terri-Lee Preston

I met Terri-lee through one of her friends I photographed in Cape Town.We planned to shoot a few portrait shots but I couldn’t resist running all over the beautiful green lawns of the lodge to capture Terri in the full sun and shadowy highlights.I really love to turn the majority of my photographs into black & white as I believe every photographer has a strong look to their style and mine would be the black & white images.I love the depth and contrast which I am able to achieve working with black & white images moving into highlighted and shadow area’s with the portraits.I photographed Terri in a classic style with a lot of eye contact into the lens for the portraits and then into a run around to capture those unintentional moments.Today’s retouching session was quite a twist with snow falling outside the window in Pretoria which is not normal for the area , in fact this has not happened for decades.It was a pleasure retouching colorful smiles and tanned skin tones with summery colors on this Icy winter day in the Jacaranda City.The best part of any shoot is to poke around the models personality to hit the buttons and create a natural laughing moment to light up the shoot with spontaneous energy.The sun , Terri and all the elements all worked beautifully to create a vibrant set of black & white and colorful images.